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Messa di Voce
"(2003: Golan Levin, Zachary Lieberman, Jaap Blonk, and Joan La Barbara) augments the speech, shouts and songs produced by two virtuoso vocalists with real-time interactive visualizations."

"Messa di Voce exists in both performance and installation versions; "


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If human where source of electricity, it would take a olympic cyclist to toast one slice of bread: youtube.com/watch?v=S4O5voOCqA
And i'm watching this on a ~600W/h desktop connected through a massive network...

"While there are a lot of materials about how to write code and how to deploy distributed systems, there's much less about how humans can work together more effectively to achieve their goals faster."


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While locked down, I created a web-based artwork a day during 35 days, in the form of a fable. Browse it on evasive.tech

Art Made in Adversity

What does it mean to be living in times with restricted access to goods and services?

"Allison Smith shares her thoughts and library of books about art made in adverse circumstances."

Objects that are practical, innovative, conceptual and delightful.


Pour ceux intéressés par des questions d'accessibilité du web.


"This is a website. Look at it. You've never seen one before."

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#Scrapism · This is a work-in-progress guide to web scraping as an artistic & critical practice, created v/ Sam Lavigne ..

👉🏻 scrapism.lav.io/

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As with all good release candidates and betas, we're seeking your help to test and help identify bugs. Simply report a bug or join our Inkscape community. Thanks! Send your feeedback here: inkscape.org/report

Jpp @_@
Je pense repasser sur Linux Mint ou autre distro noob friendly



voilà le making of de Blend, un court métrage d'animation fait en partie avec des outils de peinture et d'animation pour la réalité virtuelle :)

@bachir Ok, Riot fonctionne bien. On vient de tester la conversation privée écrite et vocale avec @val C'est similaire à Discord dans le fonctionnement (
(Comme ma webcam fonctionne pas (pas détectée) on a pas pu tester la visio)
par contre on a juste accès aux messages privés direct et de groupes, mais pas aux communautés :/

Tu peux te connecter sur Riot et m'ajouter stp ? ou partages ton identifiant


"Data used to be physical. In an era when 1s and 0s seem to hover above our heads, 'Print Punch' returns to the heyday of the punch card – to a time when you could touch (and punch) data. The aesthetics of this early move towards automation represent a unique moment in our history, when we designed for machines instead of human beings. [...] Now obsolete, punch cards were the primary method of data storage and processing from the 1890s until the late 1970s."


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